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Do’s and Don’ts on a Broome Cruise

a group of people standing next to a body of waterAt last, after so many months of lockdown, social isolation, news binging, you have finally reached your holiday destination. It is time to enjoy that sunset cruise in Broome you have been dreaming of for so long.

Forget the wintery woollies. Simply flip off your shoes and flop into a bean bag! We’ll pass you a chilled Matsos Ginger beer and let the marine life entertain you!

Hold on a sec! Just a few things before we set sail.

We want this to be the most relaxing cruise we know you so desperately deserve. So, to make it easy here are our Do’s and Don’ts on board.

Remember these, and we will be sure to have a stunning day on the breathtaking waters of Roebuck Bay.

Number 1
DON’T…wear a dress on a dolphin cruise or any cruise for that matter, unless you are looking to impress the crew. Quite often we are treated to the famous scene from the Seven Year Itch of Marilyn Monroe’s flying white skirt, however entertaining it may be.
DO….consider wearing shorts or three-quarter pants. It is the most sensible choice for boating.

And whilst we are on the topic of famous super stars…

Number 2
DON’T… wear a floppy Audrey Hepburn hat. We are incredibly experienced at man overboard procedures having retrieved hundreds of hats blown into the water during our cruises. The glamorous look on a lovely white sail catamaran, makes for that perfect photo opportunity.
DO… wear a good old-fashioned bucket hat with a cord strapped nice and tight around your neck. You won’t need to worry about the wind zipping it away!

Number 3
DON’T…. try to perform a Jacky Chan stunt when boarding the catamaran, squatting between the two boats.
DO…. wait until the skipper has given the all clear before stepping forward unless you fancy a swim before the cruise.

Number 4
DON’T…. dance around the deck like you are John Travolta ‘Staying Alive’ on board.
DO…. use all handrails to assist you when walking around the deck. There are rails everywhere! Oh, and on the topic of handrails, they are made for hands not for butts!

Number 5
DON’T….. test the strength of the hatches on board Ballena by standing on them to see how heavy you are.
DO… however step over the hatches with care. If you break through the Perspex and land in the loo below, you know you should’ve have had that extra delicious scone we serve on our Snubfin dolphin cruises!

Number 6 – This would have to be my favourite…
DON’T…. ask to see a SNUB NOSE dolphin in Roebuck Bay. They don’t exist. Unless you have recently discovered a new dolphin species, in which case, give Sir David Attenborough a call.
DO…. ask Broome Whale Watching to show you a snubfin dolphin on our cruises.

It is such a common mistake made by so many people. You can understand why though. Unlike bottlenose dolphins, snubfin dolphins do not have a prominent rostrum (aka snout or beak). Their facial features are very much round and they use their blowhole to breathe. They also have a lot to be ‘snub-nosed’ about. They live in the most incredible marine park on the planet and every other dolphin wants to be its friend.

Next time you have been on one of our snubfin dolphin cruises, remember to thank your skipper for showcasing the amazing SNUB NOSE dolphin and then WAIT FOR THE LOOK YOU WILL GET?

Our skippers love their job except on days when they are buried to their elbows in unpleasantries.


Number 7
DON’T… block the loo on board! Frequent courtesy flushes make for an incredibly happy loo day in the bay. Marine toilets work very differently to your household toilet.
DO….Hold the black button for 15 seconds, or as long as it takes you to sing 2 rounds of Jingle Bells and then release.

And finally…

Number 8
DON’T… hold back from chatting with the crew.
DO… ask those questions you really want answered. Our friendly crew love to have a good old yarn. They like to know what is on your list of things to do in Broome.

So just remember….

DO get into RELAX mode but… wait until the skipper has given his full safety brief at the start of your Broome cruise. There are some important tips you need to know when travelling on a Broome Whale Watching cruise, like, what kind of beers are sold at the bar!

Until we see you on board, travel safe and we can’t wait to welcome you to Broome!

Valerie Birch (A snubbies best friend)
Broome Whale Watching Owner

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