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Snubfin Dolphin Cruises

3 - 4 Hours | Morning Snubfin Dolphin Tour in Broome, WA

Quick Details

Child Ages 2 - 14
Infant Ages 1 and Under
Family of 4 2 adults + 2 children

Meet Australia’s Rarest Dolphin!

Relax on a morning discovery as we search for one of Australia’s largest populations of snubfin dolphins and an array of marine life in Roebuck Bay. Spot snubfin dolphins or bottlenose dolphins socialising and having fun in the sun on your morning dolphin cruise. Depending on the seasons, you could catch a glimpse of the graceful manta rays or watch turtles bobbing their heads on the water.

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Enjoy freshly made morning tea and soak up the stunning contrasting colours of Roebuck Bay. Find out more about the bay’s diverse eco system on tour with our skipper’s in-depth commentary.

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If time allows, add a bit of adventure to the end of your Broome dolphin cruise. Have a go at swimming in the boom net. Boom netting involves securely riding within the edges of a large net that is attached to the rear of a boat. Our vessel ‘Orcaella’ will slowly cruise along the shallows of Roebuck Bay as you hop into the net. The boom net will drag you through the water whilst holding on and enjoying a refreshing swim.

Guests swimming in boom net

Swimming is only permitted during certain times of the year when water conditions are suitable. This activity requires a reasonable level of fitness, and you must be a competent swimmer. Children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.

If you are looking for some things to do in Broome, this morning dolphin cruise should be added to your Broome bucket list. Whatever month you choose to cruise Roebuck Bay, Western Australia, there is bound to be some friendly dolphin, turtle or dugong ready to say g’day.

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