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We at Broome Whale Watching do everything we can to limit the environmental impact from our tours. Keeping whales, dolphins and other marine life as happy and healthy as possible on our Broome cruises is vital. We’re proud to be the only marine tour operator in Broome that is an EcoStar Accredited business and are certified Carbon Neutral.

Eco-friendly practices is key to the operations of our business. We have numerous initiatives to ensure Broome Whale Watching is environmentally friendly and sustainable.  We want our future generations to enjoy the same amazing natural habitats that we are lucky enough to have today.

Single-use plastic free – our boat has been single-use plastic free since July 2017 and our guests are encouraged to bring their own reusable bottles onboard or purchase a stainless steel Broome Whale Watching drinks bottle. Profits from our drinks bottles support the Roebuck Bay Working Group, a local not-for-profit organisation involved in the monitoring of local wildlife and habitat conservation.

  • Eco Plus Accreditation – an award for operators that demonstrate a level of environmental management over and above the requirements of the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program.
  • Boat engines – engines on our catamaran meet the highest Euro 6 Standards, meaning that they are incredibly quiet, causing minimal disturbance to marine life, as well as being extremely fuel efficient.
  • Solar-powered vessel – the solar panels on board provide us with all of our on-board electricity requirements throughout the day.
  • ‘Nothing Overboard’ policy – we ensure that all items that are lost overboard from Orcaella are retrieved, and endeavour to collect any items of litter that are encountered while we are on our tour.
  • Wildlife rescue – Broome Whale Watching partakes in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured sea turtles.

Supporting Our Local Community

Broome Whale Watching support numerous community organisations both locally and Australia wide through sponsorship. Events and programs include; Local School fundraisers; Police Legacy Ball; Royal Flying Doctor Service; Red Faces Variety Show (Adelaide) and Spirit FM Mother’s Day radio competition.

Environs Kimberley is the peak conservation organisation for the Kimberley region. Their fundraising efforts are supported annually through Broome Whale Watching sponsorship of their Art Auction. Sponsorship is also provided to The Mud and Saltwater Film Festival run by the Roebuck Bay Working Group, which focuses on the seascape of Roebuck Bay and the Kimberley Coast.

Broome Whale Watching sponsors Department of Parks & Wildlife school holiday program. This is a way to give back to the community, fostering an understanding in local children of the region’s unique environmental values.

“Where is Spotty & Where is Snubby?’ are one of Broome’s most popular radio competition hosted by Spirit FM 102.9. It is in its 8th year of offering and involves “hiding” Spotty the whale or Snubby in local businesses which are identified by a series of clues. When found, the winner receives a free Broome Whale Watching voucher for two people on board ‘Orcaella’. If you are travelling to or within Broome, don’t forget to listen in to Spirit FM Radio 102.9 for clues to win!


Want to get involved? Are you up for some volunteering in Broome?

There are some fantastic environment and conservation volunteering opportunities in Broome.

  • Become a Broome Whale Watching Volunteer for a day. Familiarise yourself with the Dolphin Watch App and then come on board to record every dolphin sighted on your tour. It is a fantastic way to see the bay and help researchers find out more about the health of the dolphin population. Contact Broome Whale Watching for more information.
  • SEAGRASS MONITORING- The Broome Community Seagrass Monitoring Project is one of the longest running and most successful community science projects in the Kimberley. The project engages large amounts of volunteers as well as Indigenous rangers to monitor seagrass meadows within Roebuck Bay.
  • Market Stall Volunteers – Looking for an enjoyable way to meet people, enjoy the Broome Courthouse markets and help support the work of Environs Kimberley at the same time? Come and join in as a MARKET VOLUNTEER on the Environs Kimberley market stall. Helpers are needed for short shifts (2.5 hours) on Saturday mornings. This is a fun, easy and rewarding way to help protect this beautiful place that we live in now and into the future.