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Minimal Impact - Lasting Memories


Customer satisfaction and respect for marine life and culture are paramount to our family business.

  • We are an EcoStar Accredited business, reducing our emissions where possible on our vessels and on land.
  • Supporting wildlife rescue and rehabilitation programs of turtles.
  • We say NO to Single Use Plastics.
  • We self-cater for all our cruises, minimising packaging, recycling, and composting waste.
  • Raise donations supporting wildlife welfare through the recycling of cans and bottles through Cash for Containers.
  • We offset our carbon emissions and support Plant-A-Tree Program WA.

Green Travel. A Superior Way to Explore!

Take only photographs. Reduce your footprint!

EcoStar Accreditation

As an EcoStar Accredited tourism business, we are committed to providing nature-based experiences that both showcase our natural playground in a sustainably conscious manner, contributing to conservation of natural habitats, wildlife and culture and helping local communities.

We love what we do and see each day. We also believe in protecting our environmentally sensitive backyard, Roebuck Bay, so our children and their future families can continue to enjoy the privileges we are so lucky to experience.

Eco-friendly practices are key to the operations of our business. We have numerous initiatives to ensure Broome Whale Watching is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

EcoStar Business, what does this mean to you?

Travelling green is the way of the future. Morally, we all want to do what is right for us, our families and future generations when visiting delicate places.

Rest assured, when you travel with us, you are travelling with like-minded people.

Broome Whale Watching has demonstrated the highest level of environmental management practices going above Sustainable Tourism requirements, therefore, reaching EcoStar Accreditation. Since 2017, we have looked at ways to reduce the impact of our business on our community.

Pre-covid travel, we moved towards becoming a carbon neutral business, estimating our emission levels to offset our carbon, designing an emissions reduction plan to further reduce our impact, and supporting the Carbon Neutral, Plant-A-Tree Program.

Today, we are completing our Tourism emissions Reduction Accreditation, a new program recently offered by Tourism Council WA to its members.

A little more on what we are doing…

  • Boat engines – engines on our catamaran are extremely fuel efficient with incredibly low emissions.
  • Solar-powered vessel – the solar panels on board provide us with all our on-board electricity requirements throughout the day.
  • Desalination Plant – We make our own water! Say goodbye to plastic water bottles. In doing so, we removed over 15,000 single use plastic water bottles from landfill.
  • Rigorous Recycling & Composting Practices – All packaging that can be recycled in Broome is appropriately sorted. All food waste is also composted on site and used in our gardens around the facility.
  • We say NO to Single Use Plastics Policy – our vessel has been single-use plastic free since July 2017 and our guests are encouraged to bring their own reusable bottles onboard or purchase a stainless-steel Broome Whale Watching drink bottle. Profits from our drink bottles have supported local not-for-profit organisations involved in the monitoring of wildlife and habitat conservation.
  • Enjoy our middle eastern catering guilt free – There is nothing like experiencing a culinary delight on a Broome sunset cruise. In self-catering for our cruises, we have control over quality of food, cooking processes and waste production. Our selection of food also includes vegetarian/vegan recipes, giving meat lovers a chance to sample some eco-friendly delights.
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Supporting Our Local Community

Broome Whale Watching support numerous community organisations both locally and Australia wide through sponsorship. Events and programs include local school fundraisers; Royal Flying Doctors Service; Red Faces Variety Show (Adelaide) and local Youth Cadet Programs.

Plant A Tree & Make a Difference

Partnering up with Carbon Neutral, an organisation that contributes to the reforestation and habitat restoration of our Western Australian landscape, was a perfect fit for us! Supporting their Plant-a-Tree program is an easy way for us all to help give back to our wider community.

Sponsorship is also provided to The Mud and Saltwater Film Festival run by the Roebuck Bay Working Group, which focuses on the seascape of Roebuck Bay and the Kimberley Coast. In 2023, our team submitted our first 5-minute documentary! Putting this video together with Native Animal Rescue Broome was a whole lot of fun!

Native Animal Rescue: Broome

It is no secret we are also MAD ABOUT TURTLES. Deb and Chris, Broome’s generous wildlife volunteers work tirelessly in supporting sick and injured animals. They are our go to people when we rescue turtles on tour. At times, our guests are also lucky to have these rehabilitated turtles as guests on board, witnessing their release into the wild.  Rescuing turtles is just one way to help. Our team volunteer their time too. We sort used cans and bottles from our cruises, deliver them to Cash for Containers, then donate the money raised to help Native Animal Rescue Broome with their rehabilitation and medical expenses. You too can help…

Turn your cans into cash and donate the money by quoting this Scheme Number: C104 38 038 Native Animal Rescue Broome.

Mentoring the Youth

Supporting tourism-based educational training opportunities is a great passion of ours. Work placements for high school students is a wonderful opportunity to share our knowledge and experience within an industry we love.

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