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Spot a snubfin dolphin in Broome or travel again for free!

Not to be missed! A recently discovered species of dolphin found in Broome!

Roebuck Bay, Broome, Western Australia is the home to the cutest dolphin on the planet – The Australian Snubfin Dolphin. Well, we at Broome Whale Watching think so. Even their nick name ‘Snubbies’ is endearing. And there are plenty of them around.

If you have never seen a snubfin dolphin, you will need to add a Broome Whale Watching dolphin cruise to your list of things to do in Broome.

Snubfin dolphins socialising with each other, blowing raspberries and frolicking about with their friends, is a unique experience.

The chance to see:

  • bottlenose dolphins,
  • Australian humpback dolphins
  • Dugong
  • five species of sea turtle
  • thousands of migratory shorebirds

adds an extra dimension to your day on Roebuck Bay.

You won’t find this RARE and wonderful snubfin dolphin experience on many travel sites. It’s still a very NEW experience to TRAVELLERS. Broome Whale Watching are the only company on the planet to offer this experience all year long.

These ‘snubbies’ also caught the attention of Sir David Attenborough for their unique spit fishing techniques. He and his crew visited Broome back in 2017 and spent a month capturing these cute snubfin dolphins. The prized footage was to see them spit fishing. While it is quite a unique style of catching prey, this had never been captured on film before. It is a pretty cool sight when you do see these guys spit fishing. It is well worth keeping your camera on hand!

Snubfin dolphins are endemic to Australia’s northern coastline. Roebuck Bay is home to over 130 snubfin dolphins, making it the LARGEST permanent POPULATION in Australia. But why are they here in Roebuck Bay?

Roebuck Bay is a FOOD generating MACHINE. Snubfin dolphins feed on fish and fish are plentiful in the bay. Roebuck Bay is also very accessible to the public. Reaching the areas where snubfin dolphins feed is done with ease. Lots of food in an idyllic location, popular for not just dolphins but locals and visitors alike – A hotspot for local fisherman!

From an abundant number of snubfin dolphins to being the ultimate eco-tourism operator, you can see why snubfin dolphin sightings are GUARANTEED with Broome Whale Watching or you get to TRAVEL again for FREE, (not that this happens very often).

A Broome local once told me, the weird and rounded face of a snubfin dolphin is one that only a mother can love. Well, this happy reclusive dolphin has caught the attention and affection of many spectators over the past 4 years. How wrong was he!

Have a SNUBBIE of a day!

Valerie Birch – A Snubbies best friend.

(Owner of Broome Whale Watching)

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