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Covid-19 Update

Thank you for supporting our family business and appreciate your understanding during these unusual times. Rest assured your health and safety is our highest priority and we have precautions in place to ensure a safe experience with our friendly team. All our staff have completed AHA Hospitality & Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Course and we are COVID Accredited.

Some changes to the procedures and service on board have been put in place to ensure you feel safe and enjoy a memorable experience with our team.

  • Face masks will be required on board our transfer vehicles only. Once onboard ‘Orcaella’ guests are welcome to remove their masks.
  • Catering on cruises have been altered to reduce the need for potential handling of food by various people. Shared cheese boards will no longer be provided on public tours. A delicious alternative has been created just for your safety. All finger foods provided are served to guests by staff with appropriate utensils. No self-service when food platters are being offered during the cruise.
  • Whilst maintaining our eco-friendly practices is a priority, paper hand towel dispensers have been installed, replacing reusable towels. We also continue to encourage all guests to bring a water bottle for refilling on board.

With the ever-changing conditions of travel, booking ahead and planning itineraries are now made with a little uncertainty. Rest assured, for all advanced bookings made through our booking system, a refund will be issued by Broome Whale Watching, should travel to Broome no longer be permitted. Refer to our Terms and Conditions on our website for further information regarding last minute cancellations.

Please call or email our office on 08 91928163 for further information on our flexible booking conditions.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Broome!


Cam & Val